More than 70% of children will spend time in a single parent home, but this does not doom children and families to a life of problems. Psychologist, Dr. Stephen Loughhead offers practical and effective resources to help families handle the difficult times during and after a divorce.

Help for families is available. Put these tools to use in your family.

About Us

Dr. Stephen Loughhead is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience helping individuals and families. He is a past president of the Houston Psychological Association. Dr. Loughhead has a psychology practice offering a variety of services to families, but has spent the past 8 years focusing on issues related to divorce, remarriage, and stepfamily relationships. He has taught a seminar for divorcing parents and conducted groups for children of divorce. Recently Dr. Loughhead created an educational media company with Christina McGhee, Stay at Home and Learn Productions. They have recently completed a video program, available for purchase, called Lemons to Lemonade: How to Handle Life When Things Go Sour Between Mom and Dad.

Dr. Loughhead is a divorced and remarried father. He is a proud father, but also understands the challenges of parenting, particularly after a divorce.

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