More than 70% of children will spend time in a single parent home, but this does not doom children and families to a life of problems. Psychologist, Dr. Stephen Loughhead offers practical and effective resources to help families handle the difficult times during and after a divorce.

Help for families is available. Put these tools to use in your family.

Resources and Other Helpful Links


Divorce - an informative online magazine that provides area specific resources.

Divorce and - hosted by Christina McGhee, a divorce coach and mediator, this site offers helpful information and advice for parents on divorce related issues.

How to Divorce as - Bill Fergusson guides you through healing your hurt, resolving personal issues and ending conflict with your ex spouse.

Our Family - is an interactive and secure means for separated or divorced parents to communicate and share information between households. Eliminates the stress of verbal communication. Important information can be accessed from any location.

Lemons 2 - provides information about a new video created by Stephen Loughhead and Christina McGhee to address many of the concerns and problems children of divorce face. Topics are addressed in a fun, entertaining, and kid friendly way.

Collaborative - provides information about the collaborative, cooperative approach to a legal divorce.

Colorado Divorce Mediation - Award-winning information by Colorado attorney-mediators on this child-friendlier and increasingly popular and positive alternative to adversarial divorce: family mediation. Especially recommended are the web-exclusive child custody parenting plans of Dr. Joan Kelly, with illustrative graphics. Even if you live outside Colorado, this site has lots of useful divorce and mediation information.

Recommended Readings For Adults:

Mom's House, Dad's House, making two homes for your child. Isolina Ricci, Ph.D. A complete guide for parents who are separated, divorced, or remarried.

We're Still Family, what grown children have to say about their parents' divorce. Constance Ahrons, Ph.D. By listening to the voices of these grown children, divorcing parents will learn what they can do to maintain family bonds. Also by Dr. Ahrons, The Good Divorce.

Divorce Poison. Richard Warshak, Ph.D. An excellent resource for parents dealing with an angry, vindictive, and sabotaging ex-spouse.

Joint Custody with a Jerk. Julie Ross and Judy Corcoran. A funny title dealing with a serious subject. How to co-parent with an uncooperative ex.

What about the Kids? Raising your children before, during, and after divorce. Judith Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee.

Because Life Goes On - Helping Children and Youth Live with Separation and Divorce. Available at This is a thorough and useful guide for parents and others trying to help children. Published in both English and French.

Divorce without Disaster. Janet Brumley. Collaborative law in Texas.

Stepfamilies. Dr. James Bray and John Kelly. Answers important questions of stepfamily life.

How to Win as a Stepfamily. Emily Visher, Ph.D. and John Visher, M.D. Written by the founders of the Stepfamily Association of America.

Books for Children:

Dinosaur's Divorce. Marc Brown and Laurene Krasny Brown.

What Children Need to Know When Parents Get Divorced. William L. Coleman. A book to read with children going through the trauma of divorce.

It's Not Your Fault, Koko Bear. Vicki Lansky. A read together book for parents and young children during divorce.

I Don't Want to Talk About It. Jeanie Franz Ransom and Kathryn Kunz Finney. A story about divorce for young children.

Let's Talk About It: Divorce. Fred Rogers. Famous Mister Rogers offers calm, caring support.

Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore. Kathy Stinson and Nancy Lou Reynolds.

At Daddy's on Saturdays. Linda Walvoord Girard and Judith Friedman.

Two Homes. Claire Masurel and Kady MacDonald Denton.

Are We Divorced Too Daddy? Vickie Gunnells-Hodge. Encourages divorced dads to stay involved.

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